Mediation, A Wise and Practical Choice to Resolve Family Conflict.

The decision to separate is a difficult one, accompanied by sadness, anger, and concern for your children. Mediation provides a cooperative rather than adversarial setting in which to create a mutually satisfactory agreement. A mediator will assist you both in identifying want you want, what you need and what is important to each of you and to your children. Parenting related issues, Financial Support and Property Division can all be addressed in mediation.

As a mediator, I provide a problem-solving approach in a neutral and confidential environment where both you and your partner can work through areas of conflict. Together, and with my assistance, you will be the authors of your agreement; a mediator neither takes sides nor makes decisions for you.

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The centrepiece of any family justice system ought to be mediation. Mediation has the advantage over a court hearing of being less formal, simpler and thus cheaper, and non-adversarial...the parties have a hand in fashioning their own solution.

What parent would willingly abdicate to a third party such important life decisions as those involving their child?

Chief Justice Warren K. Winkler, November 2010

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  • Ministry of the Attorney General approval for court-connected Family Mediator and Information and Referral Coordinator
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution (Family Elective) York University
  • B.A. University of Western Ontario
  • Advanced Family Mediation and Negotiation Theory and Skills, Riverdale Mediation
  • Basic Family Law, Riverdale Mediation
  • Family Law 101, Dr. Barbara Landau and Lorne Wolfson
  • Domestic Violence and Power Imbalance Assessment Training, Antoinette Clarke and Darlene Murphy
  • Update on Power Imbalances in Family Law, Riverdale Mediation
  • Family Arbitration Training (40 hours), Dr. Richard Shields
  • Parenting Coordination, Foundations and Advanced Training, Dr. Barbara Fidler and Linda Chodos
  • Family Mediation Involving Financial Issues, 4 Part Series, Riverdale Mediation
  • Family Circle Mediation, Joyce Young
  • Canadian Securities Course - not practicing
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